“Welcome dear guest to the Earl Phantomhive manor. I am the butler of this lovely estate, please, enjoy your stay, but do watch your step there have been several cases of unfortunate accidents.” - Says Oscar.

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D-Don’t say that as if it wasn’t that big of a deal though… It was not like speaking in animal language, or however one would call it, was all that common to see. It wasn’t, not at all.
She did believe him, of course, she was not an skeptical one, even if first impressions suggested otherwise. She belived in fate, ghosts, curses, possesions, rebirth…this just added to the list. She paused for a moment, grey eyes looking down at the ground with a thoughtful expression on her face. After a little, she lifted her gaze towards the male.

— So! Uh…have these snakes been saying things all this time then? I mean… What she wanted to ask, but didn’t, was actually if they had said anything about her—Snakes bad mouthing her in a literal sense…what a horrible thought.  Do they understand human language in general…or just you?

{♞} - “Ah, we apologize! It’s so natural to us that sometimes we forget about how others would react to seeing such a sight!” - Says Oscar.

Though, he was glad his friend believed him. His own family back at the circus didn’t have faith in his ability, which was horribly ironic. At least she wasn’t asking personal questions or trying to grab his friends. All those traumatizing times.

"Yes, they are the ones who have been speaking all this time and yes, they do understand the human language. All animals do." - Says Wilde.

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Brokenglass: Winter roundup ~ Winter roundup~ Let’s finish our Holiday cheer.

Winter roundup~ Winter roundup~ Cause tomorrow spring is here!

{♞} - “You seriously need to turn off that t.v.” - Says Oscar.


"Where did you?" He glanced at Emily. "He was in an alleyway sopping wet. I couldn’t leave him there." He nods looking at him. He expected as much the angry looks. "So, your staying here I presume?" Sebastian still acting in his very calm unfeeling demeanor.

{♞} - “I said no such thing, I was merely interested when she mentioned your name; seeing that you disappeared and all. I served Smile and only Smile. If he isn’t here with you, then I presume that you failed your job as the head butler of the Phantomhive manor?” - Asks Webster.

Brokenglass: You wanna know the great thing about having a calculus class? 

Ditching it.

{♞} - “I don’t even know you anymore.” - Says Wilde.


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