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{♟} Brokenglass: Hello fellow followers! I apologize for my absence but I had some troubles with the landlord and getting a couple things fixed around here. However, I’m back and I see we have new guests around. Welcome everyone!  

- {♟} Brokenglass

{♟} Butler Hour {♟}


—{♟} Brokenglass: I want to apologize to everyone. I haven’t been on here, but I’ve been having some issues with my apartment recently that needs my attention. It’ll be another week before I can fully be on here, sorry.

- {♟} Brokenglass

World Symphony
(Sayonara Ponytail)
2 plays


World Symphony (Sayonara Ponytail) Kill La Kill Ending 2 Full

- { because this song } - { I don't know it's like 4 am man }

dahlia-violet said: /May I have a cup as well?/

—{♟} Brokenglass: Yes, yes you may. I’m sorry I just saw this, but I’m still very awake.

- {♟} Brokenglass - dahilaviolet - dahlia-violet

—{♟} Brokenglass: These all nighters aren’t healthy, but look at me boil more tea.

- {♟} Brokenglass - { look at me go }


—Ray Bradbury

- { the were my best friends in high school }



"My mind tends to like the night, the quiet makes it start to talk too much. Of course, come on! Today’s blend is rather fruit like thanks to the Spring coming on in, it’s been much warmer"

—{♞} “Ah yes, Spring, such a glorious time of the year. We can finally have a lovely sun bathe and not try to hide in the greenhouse all evening. Do you enjoy the planet when the climate is a lot warmer, sir?” - Asks Donnie.

- unguibusx - { I'm just glad you're okay! } - { I was worried! }


"Ah, I think that might be a good idea I should probably boil one. My mind is just restless as usual, it’s a terrible burden"

—{♞} “Oh no, sir! A restless mind is a functional one during the night, or so they say. Speaking of tea, would it be okay for us to join you for a cup?” - Asks Oscar.

- unguibusx - { That's good to hear! ^ ^ } - { I'm doing well thank you for asking }



Tries to figure out why the hell he is awake but as usual, Eren fell short from a real answer.

—{♞} “Have you tried tea, sir?” - Asks Emily.

- unguibusx - { how are you feeling? }