♟ Important Notice: Hiatus ♟

Brokenglass: I’m sorry everyone, something very important came up within the last couple hours and I need to take a leave of absence. I’m not sure how long, but honestly it shouldn’t really be a surprise. I have a bad rep for disappearing for months here. Once again I apologize, Snake and I will be back and when we do there’s going to be a lot of changes around this blog.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Bothriechis schlegelii by Thor Hakonsen on Flickr.


Hognose Beauties

Reptile Community - Take a look at these great photos of a member’s two beautiful hognose snakes.

♟ Friendly Reminder ♟

Brokenglass: Friendly reminder my dear guests, I will be reblogging images and information about snakes. This is a Snake blog after all, so please, don’t inbox me telling me not to reblog snakes because you’re afraid of them. That is what my Rules are for. I properly tag them so that you can black list it and if that’s not enough for you, then you can go ahead and unfollow me. 

Telling me to stop isn’t actually going to do anything. 


Australian Skies and Herps

Field Herp Forum - This is a fabulous series of photos featuring some beautiful reptiles and amphibians found on various herping trips in Australia, along with some stunning starscapes.


SO I hit 300+ followers recently and holy shit wow. I never expected this blog to get off the ground like it did, or for so many people to enjoy RPing with me. I am still pretty new to the whole RP thing (I’ve been RPing for almost six months now) and everyone here has taught me so much. Let’s get down to it!

RP blogs. In no particular order. The ones I interact with most/talk to ooc the most are probably listed first

a-temperamental-pawn | lil-therith-ceth | orderlychaotic-rp | daiadosado | allenwalkerkanda | angelwingedwolf | transformedwithgrief | spoopyxgirl | daisuke-jikihara | sasumeoshima-exorcist | arminthewhore | sunarakkanlittlepsychedelicdream | stupidcoolfinnparty | codingdespair | twinsofbond | lovelyzanu | the-starving-man | roadkamelotofdreams | kontractor | gexshik | bitchshark | ask-krorykins | jackvallenci | contractine | themastersnakecharmer |

Non-rp blogs. home-skillets who I know offline shall be Bolded

inahoxeggs | sordidv | quizzicalities | nebulousdragon13 | threshold-assassin | sloththeidolent | incubatorkk | hinanawis | spectralcanidaeoverlord |

Shoutout to transientblade who is the very first person on my followers list and I believe was like my second ever follower. What are you still doing here?

Shoutout to the person to convinced me to create this blog and helped me get started roleplaying. We don’t talk anymore and I don’t even know what your current url is, but thank you, wherever you are. I wish we could still be friends.

I’m really nervous that I forgot someone, so I’m just going to leave it here. I really love each and every person I follow and every one of my followers, so it was hard not to just list everyone on my following list!! 


Hange decides to snapchat Erwin’s birthday party. Stupidity ensues. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERWIN SMITH!

Click for better view <3


More like 69 shades of whores.